Learning to Laugh

Beginning the day with a frightened realization that you overslept is never a good feeling. I dont mean oversleeping by a few minutes as if you looked at the clock and realized that your 9:00AM Writing class began 2 minutes ago. I’m talking about every single class you had in one day has already come and gone. There is no time to fly out of bed and throw on your clothes and make it to the school within class time. You check your phone and see all the texts that you didn’t get in time. You hear all the alarms you didn’t hear five hours ago like you should have. A time-slowing panic hits you square on the face. What about all the homework that was due? All weekend went into those four essays that were supposed to be turned in! All weekend went into that 25% that you just lost on your grade.

This was my morning.

My eyes stared at the blurry hands of the clock, then darted to the digital clock on my phone. The screen of my phone read 12:35PM. I looked back at the clock on my wall. What?! The hand is still on the 7. It’s 7:00AM. What happened to my phone? Then I came completely out of my sleepy fog and the wall clock became 100% visible.  Wait… that’s the minute hand. And the morning was suddenly the afternoon.

Needless to say, I have a grade that I worked hard for and didn’t get. But I still can’t decide if I deserved it or not, for I have to back up and rethink my choices the night before this early-afternoon panic attack.

1:00AM, 2:00AM, 3:00AM. I saw each hour pass by on the clock, cursing every moment spent coughing out my lungs due to a vicious case of bronchitis. There was no chance at sleep available to me. After trying dozens of failed repositions with my pillows and blankets, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I got out of bed and walked to the medicine cabinet. Nyquil has a drowsy effect, right? Of course it does! I slowly read the “DO NOT USE TO MAKE CHILDREN SLEEP” label on the back, silently blamed my actions on my sickness, and swallowed the two small blue pills in my hand.

And the next thing I knew, I was confusing the minute hand with the hour hand on my wall clock at exactly 12:35PM, having missed every class I needed to attend.

Looking back on my morning, I can honestly say I’m laughing. Really, what’s not funny about intentionally knocking yourself out, resulting in missing every class you slaved over in homework? It’s an ironic reaping what you sow type of lesson, I suppose. Is it my fault that I’m sick? Is it the drug’s fault I slept through my alarms? Like I said, I can’t decide if I deserved a bad grade or not.

So I’m learning to be okay with situations like this, however justified or stupid they may seem. Life isn’t worth being too serious. Live for every moment as if it was your last. And certainly don’t forget to laugh – even if it’s at yourself.


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