My normal approach to publishing blog entries is to create a post involving topic-oriented content. I have written on love, faith, friends, and even reflected on an old TV show host. And though they are fairly straightforward and usually general in interest, the topics have nearly always been based upon some sort of inspiration. I pay close attention to the world around me, pen in hand, and wait for that lightning bolt of a writing idea. And usually, it comes on the day I least expect it to. I sit down at my computer to type a post and… nothing. I draw a complete blank. Perhaps I just need a lesson on idea-generation.

Basically, if I’m looking for inspiration, I’m not doing it right. The very best ideas come blasting their way through any unsuspecting circumstance in life and hit me square on the Association Cortex (if you don’t know what it is, look it up). So, really, I have no control over what I think about writing on in that lightning-bolt moment. But depending on the immediate availability of a pen and paper, the idea will ultimately come to fruition. But even so, inspiration is – at best – scattered. For example…

A teenage boy is playing with a toddler. I am smiling as I stand by watching these two play as if there was no age gap whatsoever. The teenager rolls a bright red ball to the little child. For a moment, my eye catches the bright color of the ball and triggers a thought. The thought was related to the color. Red. Anger. I was angry at my sixteen-year-old brother yesterday. But I’m not angry anymore. There’s definitely been a change of heart. Hmm. That could be something to write about.

Somehow my brain can make it from the color red to the reason for tuning up my attitude. The color seemingly equals a mindset. I understand that there is such a thing as Color Psychology (trust me, I have studied it), and that could play a role in a situation such as this. But this is all part of inspiration. The brain sends funny signals at times. Any small item or situation can ignite a memory from the past, create a thought or new way of thinking, or even combine them all together.

I suppose I will never fully understand inspiration until I understand the human brain and its functions. Even then, who knows? Maybe I still wouldn’t understand the reason I fall for creative bursts of thought. For now, I guess I’ll just keep carrying around my notebook, waiting for that little moment of time… when I actually won’t have my notebook with me.


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