Summer Reading

It’s that time of year again! Let’s hear it for SUMMER VACATION! The doors of the schools are closing and the flocks of excited college students come running from all directions to crowd sandy beaches and raid the smoothie shops. The flashy cars come out and so does the sun-tan lotion. We get up early to go for that perfect-temperature run and stay up late for that perfect night to star-gaze. And no matter what, there always seems to be a herd of friends there to share the moment with you. Ah, summer. Who says Christmas has to be the most wonderful time of the year?

For many students, each summer is spent working. Hard. But occasionally there is a day when we can break free and enjoy anything we want to! Within reason, of course. But those are the days we long for – our days off.

My summer is beginning with three weeks of these days off work due to a knee injury. Slightly bummed? Yes. There is not going to be much tanning on the beach or quick trips to the smoothie shop for me. At least, not for a while. So what am I going to do? Perhaps you already guessed it. I am going to read.

Reading can open your mind to so many different avenues of thinking and feeling! It can take you down thrilling roads of suspense or drag you through the mire of drama. It can roll you over laughing or grip your throat in terror. You can walk away feeling like a hero or sleep with your light on all night long. Reading the great works of authors is a fun and adventurous task! From the cover of Shakespeare’s The Tempest to the final page of Mike Dellosso’s Scream, your summer can become the adventure of a lifetime, page by page.

But what about those times when I don’t feel like reading? Well, then I will write! Without writers, there would be no readers. I am not a successful author who has dozens of books being sold on the shelves of bookstores across the nation. But what I am is a reader. I love to sit for hours and enjoy a great book in my hands. So why not write? Someone had to write the books I enjoy. Maybe I’m just learning to return the favor. Perhaps someday, as a result of my practice, people can sit down and enjoy a summer reading list, on which my book could be listed. You never know.

Here’s to a summer full of reading, writing and adventure! Click here to see my new blog page “Summer Reading” and follow along with me as I finish page after page of my own summer reading list.


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