Time and Eternity

Exodus 3:14
God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”

According to this biblical account in Exodus, God spoke directly to Moses. When the Lord is speaking there, He does not call Himself by a name like God or The Lord. He states His name as “I AM” to Moses. This more than gives the voice a name and a title; it reveals the full expanse of God’s character and transcendence. I AM reflects upon the fact that God is everywhere and seeing everything at all times. I engaged in a discussion on this topic and a visual was described to me like this:

God sees all time like a ruler. He sees the beginning, the end and everything in between. At the beginning of this ruler, God can literally see His creation forming as He spoke, while simultaneously seeing a historical event such as the Civil War somewhere towards, possibly, the center. And even then, at the same moment, He is seeing the very end of time as every knee bows and every tongue is confessing the name of the Lord at the base of His heavenly throne.

But think on this: the time God sees is the time He created for Himself to see. Not only does He view this “ruler” time we know as history and the future, but His very being transcends this idea. Time on earth is limited. This world is temporary. Like a ruler, it only goes so far. It begins and it ends. And God sees every second of it as if it was happening all at once. But there is a layer behind this “ruler” that actually defies the definition of time itself. Eternity.

Eternity expands beyond our definitions of time. Oh, sure, we tag a definition to this word. Eternity simply means that time has no bearing on events as they happen. In a word, timelessness. But as humans, our brains are not wired to think like this. Our brains were made to calculate and comprehend the existence of time or eternity, but not the complexity behind it once we face the unknown when asking the question, “What comes after death?” or “Where will I be in eternity?” Our minds were not made on an equal scale to God’s mind. We are His creation and are completely limited in what God allows us to see, think and understand.  We were also created with a measure of free will – the ability to embrace or reject. With answers of time and eternity being such a mystery to the mind of man, what is there to embrace or reject? Well, God gave us an answer to that question in 1 John 5:11-12.

Trust in I AM. The transcendence of His being reaches beyond all time, thought and understanding, yet offers to find its personal home in the hearts of those who choose to accept Him. Why? Because only a loving God would choose to indwell His creation. This love was made perfect through the sacrifice of God’s only son Jesus on the cross for mankind. Jesus was fully God and fully man in one body. Because of this, He was the only perfect man to ever walk the earth, making Him the only one who could ever become a real savior. He was crucified to take the sin of the world upon His shoulders and offer the gift of salvation and a choice. This choice is to embrace or reject Jesus Christ. If we embrace Him and accept Him into our hearts, we will have eternal life with Him in heaven when time no longer exists. If not, the bible makes it clear to us that rejecting Christ dooms us to an eternity in a literal, timeless hell. We all must make a choice.

Where will you choose to spend eternity?


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