Northern Memories Photography

Hello, Readers!

My name is Rissa Crowe. I’m from a beautiful place called International Falls, Minnesota. It’s a small, friendly little town sitting on Rainy River & Rainy Lake that divide the United States from Canada. In my opinion, the USA and Canada are two of most beautiful places you will ever visit, and with a town like International Falls on the border of the two – what more could you want? It is here in the “Icebox of the Nation” that I have started my photography business. Everything started with inspiration from my family that continues to this day. Go ahead, read the story of how NMP came into existence!

The Story of Northern Memories Photography

The name Northern Memories Photography originated within my family. My father – Ross Crowe – is a fishing guide on Rainy Lake. He started this guiding business just a year after I was born. I grew up watching my father do what he loved the most – fishing and helping  other people enjoy it. I was inspired by my father every day, and especially when I became old enough to attend college. My father was always a hard worker and would see all jobs to completion. I decided that when I began to study for college, I would be just like him. I wanted to study hard, finish my jobs completely, and spend my time doing what I love — just like him.

Through some outdoor educational videos my father had me film and edit with him, I began to enjoy taking video and pictures and soon started to love the feeling of holding a camera in my hands. But before I knew it, the time had come for me to leave for college. I attended Bob Jones University for one semester as a Cinema Production major. It was there I met my roommate who had a Nikon D50 camera that she would occasionally take out of her cupboard. One day, I asked her if I could borrow the camera to take some fun photos of a couple friends on campus. To my excitement, she agreed! And off I went to take pictures to my heart’s delight! I spent the afternoon photographing everything until the battery on the camera died. Even though I wanted to keep on taking pictures, I knew that I had plenty to go around. So it was back to my room to see my photos on a screen for the first time.

As soon as I had uploaded the pictures to my Facebook page, I was receiving comments on how good they looked. Of course, they were not professional. I credited everything to my roommate’s amazing camera. Yet there I was, being complemented on my skill with a camera. Right then and there, a thought crossed my mind. Maybe I could do this as a professional photographer!

One year later, I held one of the best gifts I have ever been given by my parents — a Nikon D50, Digital SLR camera. I spent the afternoons outdoors taking pictures and asking friends to come with me on photo shoots. But this wasn’t enough. I wanted to take it one more step up. So one evening, I applied to Icon Photography School – an online school geared for helping students take the next step in photography. This is exactly what I wanted! And five months later, I graduated from Icon Photography School with honors. After that, I began taking pictures professionally for the people of International Falls and the surrounding communities. I was finally doing what I loved! Just like my dad.

And here I am – ready to serve you! I’m qualified and willing to get my Nikon out of the bag and go on a photography adventure with any client! I have special locations, prop ideas, tips, and tricks to give you a fun and memorable experience in the northern part of Minnesota and in Canada. Here to capture the true you – Northern Memories Photography!


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