Shepherds’ Camp 2012

Shepherds’ Camp is a ministry of Berean Baptist Church and Ross Crowe Ministries. Each summer, pastors from across the U.S. and Canada are invited to the Fishing For Men Camp on the beautiful shores of Rainy Lake in northern Minnesota. The pastors enjoy a week of encouragement, refreshment and guided fishing trips at no cost to them. Our burden is to provide – free of charge – a ministry to build shepherds in their walk with the Lord and strengthen them in strong biblical preaching. Daily preaching sessions and catered meals are provided for them to maximize their time of encouragement. They have the opportunity of having one-on-one fellowship with our speakers like Dr. Tim Jordan and Dr. Les Ollila to help with their particular ministry needs. The Lord has blessed and enabled us to expand this vital ministry by an additional shepherds’ week to bring back Shepherds’ Camp alumni.

Here is the complete video from Shepherds’ Camp 2012. Enjoy!


One thought on “Shepherds’ Camp 2012

  1. Cindy Peters Hill says:

    i was very moved after watching the video of 2012 Shepherds Camp from Rainy Lake, MN last night at church. 7 men, pastors, meeting together 2 weeks ago… battered and scarred by the devil’s attacks over the year[s]… receiving a ‘cup of cold water’ and much needed encouragement and teaching from other godly men. was honored to think my husband was able to be their cook, and minister to their physical well being for those few days, it realigned my perspective… these 7 men will go back to their churches, who in turn would be refreshed in the LORD to minister to their flock, who in turn would help their towns, and have that wonderful ripple effect… Praise God!! sometimes i get selfish, but won’t anymore about sharing Steve for such a ministry as this… we understand the difficult times and it is an honor to serve and share… May God Bless your efforts there Brother Ross Crowe and all involved…

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