Hallways and Doors

Matthew 7:7
Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

God doesn’t always lead you to an open door. Sometimes He guides you to a hallway full of doors. If you find one locked, you have your answer. Any door you come to may be locked tight, never to grant you access. Yet in this process of seeking, you can still find an open door. In fact, I wouldn’t worry. It will be opened for you if you are following the biblical model in Matthew 7:7 – Ask, Seek, Knock.

Knocking in the absence of seeking does no good. It’s an aimless walk of faith. Sure, you are trusting in the fact that you are there for a reason, but you don’t know what that reason is. This is why we  must first ask the Lord to show us what we must seek and ask for the strength to do His will. Being in the very center of God’s will is the goal, but then there’s the issue of options. Oh, those dreaded options. What if there is not one, not even two, but three or more open doors? Suddenly, these options become an array of possibilities linked to a major decision. Which way should you go? Which door should you walk through?

Wait. Ask and wait. Seek and wait. Knock and wait. It’s almost painful to have to wait so long at times. Maybe God put waiting in our lives to cause us to enjoy our time with Him in a decision-making process. I know that I rarely find that process enjoyable. Hmm. Maybe it’s time I tried.

When you are asking the Lord for guidance, seeking His will, and knocking on every door He has put in your hallway, you will find what He has for you to learn and experience. And better yet, you are directly in the center of God’s will. Being in the will of God isn’t about being on the move and trying to figure it out. It’s about faithfully asking, slowly seeking, courageously knocking… constantly trusting.

So you have options. That’s your hallway into God’s will where you can wait with Him until He opens just the right door. I think I need to learn to love this.

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