Thousand-foot faith.

Everything looks different from the air. I realized that while soaring through the air in a small Cessna airplane. The landscape looked like something out of my 9th grade geometry notebook. A square here, a triangle there. But the lakes and highways actually looked more like what I wanted to do in my geometry notebook – make endless loops and blob shapes that had no kind of straight lines or angles whatsoever. There is so much to take in while you’re up in the air! There’s nothing like it. And after I got over analyzing the scenery through what little 9th grade math knowledge I had, I started to think about life. Yes, life.

As I flew between land and space, I began to wish I could live like that. Always stay above everything that kept me down or bothered me. Never come down to be surrounded by the complicated issues of life or to have to deal with the twist and turns of a semi-geometric world.

It was fun to be able to fly over roads instead of having to drive on them. Suddenly, driving felt like a very confined thing to do. But flying, ah, that seemed so free and so simple. And then I looked at the dashboard of the plane. Not so simple. My pilot used some sort of pedals and steering column that didn’t seem to work like a car. And he loved to keep on pulling on this little black lever. His eyes would occasionally scan over the many different circular gauges lining the dash. To me, it was like a language I’ve never heard of before. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Cessna.

However unlikely it would be, at any moment, my pilot could throw himself out of the plane and leave me with nothing to do but quickly learn how to fly the thing over those square fields and blob-shaped lakes, probably knowing I’d just crash into the dirt. But he didn’t. It kind of reminds me of God. Even when I’ve got no idea how to make it work, He can raise me high above the challenges I face in life. And He never leaves me. He stays with me every step of the way until He knows it’s safe to put my feet back on the ground.

Read 2 Samuel 22. The whole thing.

In this passage, we find the account of David praising the Lord during a time in his life when he called on God to deliver him out of a great many troubles. If you follow this chapter to its end, you see the amazing power of God at work for David. And while I was up in the cockpit of that tiny airplane, I felt that power. I knew that when my flight was over, I had to face everyday life again. I had to go back to challenges, problems, people, everything. Life waited for me on the ground. But I didn’t leave God down there. Soaring above my home, I got it. God brought me up here. This really is like life!

No matter what gets us down, God can grant us the power to rise above it. And no matter where we go, God is always there. It’s real, powerful, amazing truth. As long as we have life, we can trust in the Lord.

Isaiah 40:31
But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

I think I needed this flight. For more than one reason.


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