Reality is so fluffy.

Dreams can be so real. While waking up at night, I’ve been experiencing things like my pillow being the evil criminal I had to defeat via fist-fight to save my friends. Or my sheets being a net trapping me under water. These were definitely dreams, but they happened while I was somewhat awake. I think I knew I was pounding on just a pillow and covered by warm sheets. But I felt threatened. By fluff. Fluff taking on the form of evil criminals and underwater nets.

But then I really woke up. My arm hurt and my sheets were on the floor. Whatever extreme adventure I had been in was suddenly over. That’s when I realize that I don’t really live an exciting life quite like an international traveller that takes joy rides in dog kennels aboard large airplanes (from another one of my crazy dreams). Too bad. Oh well, my life contains just enough excitement to see me through. I’m a Minnesotan. A northern Minnesotan. If you don’t know what that looks like, put a big strip of camouflage duct tape on your forehead and write “Crazy” across it in white-out. Oh, and don’t take it off. Yeah, that’s what we look like. So… I guess I’m enough of a crazy life-lover to go without dreams every now and then. But there are times when I just need one of those insanely crazy dreams to put reality back into perspective.  And it turns out that reality is so… fluffy. At least it is in the case of my friend-saving, underwater net-escaping nighttime adventures. Ah, what would we do without dreams? They give us the perfect time to conjure up all of those random and impossible things that we just can’t accomplish in real life. Give me more of that!

Sweet dreams, y’all!

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