I never thought that a city nearly 1,500 miles away from my town could feel so much like home. Maybe it’s the friends and Christian circles at Bob Jones University that I love. Maybe it’s the breathtaking sights along the coast and in the mountains. Maybe it’s just the general idea of being in the southern half of the Unites States. Fall semester 2010 — I fell in love with this place called South Carolina. And I’m every bit as in love with it now as I was then. But… why?!

I spent two terrifying days and one miserable college semester here. I migrated to this boiling climate from the extremely cold state of Minnesota. I speak like a Canadian in a world of thick southern accents. I’m a country girl in a city. I don’t have much of a reason to feel comfortable in this place. At all.

But I spent one week trying to find out why I fell in love with it. And nothing really hit me until I got about 800 miles down the road on my return trip to Minnesota…

As I sit here at a random truck stop in Illinois, I realize that this is where I’m most comfortable — at the in-between point. I couldn’t make up my mind over where I really wanted to be. Minnesota? South Carolina? If the south feels like home when the north really is home, what am I supposed to do? It’s an uncomfortable situation to think through. And I’ve developed long lists of reasons why I do or do not like both places. That…gets old. And so does making “good” decisions about going places….only to realize that they aren’t so good. Or timely. Or something.

Yeah, I’m comfortable in the in-between space. I’ve got Minnesota on one side and South Carolina on the other. Burn the lists and forget the decisions. This is where I’ve been all along. I’m going to let go of both sides and let God lead.

Makes camping out at a sketchy truck stop in Illinois with coyotes running around the car that much more exciting.


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