One week ago, I drove my little white car down to Greenville, South Carolina to spend some quality time with a best friend (Steffani Erin, author of Ad Astra). And I got myself into way more than I bargained for. I thought I would take about 24 hours and drive down to melt in the southern heat and sleep away a week in a place I loved. Well, not quite. Somewhere within a sleep-deprived conversation and excited anticipation for the days ahead, Erin and I made the decision that we would take two days and get hopelessly lost somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon.

Bring it on. Getting lost sounds like quite the adventure!

And four days later, we were staring at a map of Charleston, SC and trying to figure out the scenic routes where our trolley could take us… and ended up watching miniature crabs in a cruise ship harbor and eating pricey chicken strips in a hookah joint (I did NOT clue in on this fact until WAY later).

And then…oh, then… we got pictures taken with a VERY tall man, went jet skiing with dolphins, flew over the Atlantic on a parasail, traveled a random 30 miles on a dirt road, had jaw-dropping experiences in an aquarium, applied to work an overseas job together, drove a car up 3,200 feet of mountain, cooked ourselves in a hot tub, ate too much food, laughed more, sang loudly… we just plain lived it up. The whole deal with getting lost kind of fell through. We knew exactly where we were and what we wanted to do. Man, did we ever have fun! I kind of think we topped the excitement of the whole getting lost thing.

And yet…I was still lost. Totally lost in some sort of drawn-out and unrealistic moment. Like a dream. As if it was too strange to reach out and truly believe that my best friend was sitting two feet away from me on a parasail bar.

But it was true! And nothing felt real until Erin jumped off of a giant Seadoo jet ski for the first time. She came walking up to me with a huge smile on her face. “Riss, that was amazing!” And that’s when everything hit me. And… I don’t know if I can really explain it. Something about seeing the sheer happiness of my best friend made the whole world stop and put me in the moment just long enough to hug her and realize… this is real. It gave me a deeper appreciation for our friendship, a car that didn’t fall apart over 2,000 miles, the huge Atlantic ocean… and zippy jet skis. And suddenly… I was lost again. Amazingly lost in the fact that reality consisted of a fit of laughter and that warm fuzzy feeling when you look around and realize  that you’re in the happiest moment of your life. Yep, I was lost last week. Totally lost with my dear friend on the best kind of adventure.


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