For my best friend.

The problem with distance and hard times is that your best friend can’t be there to let you cry on her shoulder. She can’t be there to see your eyes water and overflow with the pain that breaks your heart in ways that only she can see. She can’t try and help you stand up when you’re down on your knees. She can’t wrap her arms around you in a warm hug. She can’t look into your eyes and hear more of what you want to say than she could if you were talking. She can’t reach out with that reassuring touch to your arm and tell you that she’s right there for you.

…but what she can do is point you to Christ. She can be honest. She can love you just as much as she did when she was hugging you during your happiest moments together. She can pray her heart out for you. She can approach the throne of God with a prayer to relieve your pain in any way possible. She can reflect on the good times and remind you of how much she appreciates your friendship. She can promise that though she’s far away, she’s always available to talk. She can acknowledge the distance and love you as though it didn’t exist.

I am one who has been blessed with a dear friend who does just this. This is a shout-out to my dearest friend, Steffani Erin Jacoby, for being a blessing in good times and in bad. There was not a person I felt more understood or loved by than her during the recent hardship of a broken engagement. She’s the friend I think of when I wish I had someone to talk to about the hurt that goes on… and she’s also the friend that shoves my focus from her and on to God during those times. She’s one of those people that God uses to help me understand Him better through her words, attitudes, actions, and life. She’s the kind of person who makes me understand the love of God in ways that I wouldn’t see without the rich blessing of our friendship.

Dear Erin, thank you for being the best friend you could possibly be. I love you.


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