College has ruined me.

This was a hard post to write, mainly because I’ve had some trouble writing lately.

It started when I attended my morning General Psychology class last week. Now, my brain has trouble wrapping itself around anything in the morning, much less the thought processes surrounding my necessary note-taking motor skills during brain anatomy lectures. Yet despite my sunup trudge, somehow I manage to hold a coffee cup and steer my car into the parking lot, find my seat, and take out my notebook. Here is where I greet my problem in all of its 9:00 a.m. glory.

Somewhere in between trying to spell AMNESIAC and HIPPOCAMPUS, my hand decided to take a disconnected leap from what my brain told it to write and substituted what it thought belonged there instead. Note: There is no such thing as a HIPAMNEUS. At least… I don’t think so. And if there is, it’s a squishy place where your memories go to die.

I was struggling. Badly. So I googled my condition. Sudden dyslexia sounds absurd, but after a week went by and my spelling and comprehension weren’t improving, I was slightly worried. Google didn’t help. And where did I end up?

Here. Writing.

And so I think college has ruined me. Perhaps it was just one of those days, weeks, or whatevers. Or perhaps it was simply the tail-end of a psychology experiment in which we were forced to chew gum, listen and write at the same time, in which case, I’m pretty sure I failed.

Here is your hopeless guinea pig, sleep-deprived dyslexiac, and suffering education major, living life aperturiously… as homework permits.


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