All the Single Ladies

Ladies, I’ve seen so many blog posts about being single. I even wrote one myself. Mostly we hear about how being single sucks, or we just flood our brains with all the reasons why it’s truly amazing to own a cat (or three). We even gripe and groan over how many people just don’t get us.

Well, I’ve decided to write something of a different post. Simply because I felt like sharing.

You see, I (GASP) actually like being single. And instead of trying to prove it to you, I decided to write down just a couple of things I think it takes to be happy as a single woman. They aren’t elaborate or trendy, but they do tend to break the mold. They are things I try to do daily and weekly that keep me – not distracted from being single – but just happy to be what I am doing with my life so that I don’t have to focus on whether or not I’m single or dating or married or whatever.

Keep in mind that these reflect my opinions more than proven fact.

1) Have date nights with yourself. And I’m not talking about Netflix and yoga pants on a Friday night. I’m talking about seeing a movie you like, or going out to dinner alone. Before I started doing these things, it felt potentially lonely and intimidating. But once I sucked it up and went out for Mexican with me, myself, and I… I loved it. It gets you out there, doing something special with yourself, treating yourself, and keeping yourself from getting in the rut of sitting at home every night without anything to look forward to. Besides, it feels sort of empowering when you can pull off a successful night out with yourself and not care what other people think of you.

2) Be romantic with your girlfriends. Romance is defined as “A feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.” And I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced that with my gal gang. I love my girls, and I am always finding out new things about them. I’m always appreciating them. I’m always trying to think up ways to make them feel appreciated (even if I don’t end up following through). You don’t have to kiss them in the rain, but why not be a special kind of nice and show up with flowers and chocolate because you’re an awesome friend and you know they love those things? Why not pay for their dinner once in awhile? Show up and hug them too long. Be spontaneous. Say I love you. Your girls deserve it too.

Seriously, y’all. Learn to love being yourselves. You can have tons of fun alone! You definitely should always keep a couple of good friends close to your heart and in your phone’s Favorites List, but don’t be afraid of sailing solo. It’s liberating, refreshing, and not as bad as society makes it look.

By the way, you don’t have to be single to do these things. Some quality alone time is healthy for everyone, not just the people who do it because they don’t have a ring on their finger.

These are just two little things I do to have a good time being me. I’m sure you could make your own list of fun things to do as a single person without much trouble at all.

Get out there and have some fun! And don’t forget to lighten up.

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