Recipe Corner: Piña Colada

Let’s face it, wintertime is the worst. Everything is gray and cold and meh. So, naturally, the inspiration for this recipe corner addition comes from the sunny shores of Mexico and the refreshing concoction known as the Piña Colada. I *will* make this winter bearable!





1 Glass
Enough ice to fill that glass
DaVinci Gourmet Caribbean Colada Smoothie Mix (buy by clicking here)
Rondiaz Coconut Rum




Note: You can make this recipe without alcohol for a virgin drink, it’s just as good!


DIRECTIONS (or just follow directions on smoothie mix box):

  1.  Fill glass with ice to top
  2.  Pour smoothie mix over ice until filled to rim
  3.  Pour into blender
  4.  Add rum (I usually add 2oz. but add whatever you like!)
  5.  Blend (if you like the consistency more runny, add a little more smoothie mix)
  6.  Pour back into glass and enjoy!



This is seriously the best Piña Colada recipe ever. Drink up and be transported to 5:00 somewhere with sun and waves!